Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Spring breezes pull
the unopened jasmine buds -
Impatient for scent.
A shining salt lake
humbly casting no shadow -
The Sun's priceless throne.
The Self has no other
but It knows no loneliness -
sunrays embrace Space.
Thunder at midnight -
The backdrops for the new day
are being rolled in.
Though resembling ash
left by the world-consuming fire
clouds revive the tree


Clouds drift forever
Without ever leaving home -
The infinite sky.

What surname has salt
which, like the parentless Self,
dissolved in the Sea?


Coconut palm trunk -
So swiftly, without knowledge,
the squirrel ascends.
Extract the sweetness
of the world's punishing cane
in Silence's press.
Maroon evening
Coconut palm silhouettes -
Shadows of fireworks.
Many births I had
Revelling in many forms
To know formlessness
(After Kabir)

Nocturnal stillness.
A bell-collared cat hunts mice -
thought's futility.
Crow at the window
vainly pecks its reflection
Thought attacking thought.
Flower in a vase,
only now, at midnight, I hear
your colour sermon.
Brain-shaped cumulus
containing no other thought
than the lightning bolt.

Emily Dickinson

Her small poem/waves
Truths that dazzle gradually -
eroding "I"-lands
feeding green reed flames -
a lamp of golden butter -
the evening lake