Saturday, February 21, 2009


on the rain-washed roof -
prayer wheels to an unknown god
- ventilators spin


Bhalachandra said...
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Bhalachandra said...

Hello. I am a Sahaja Yogi from America and I wish to do a collaboration with you. I love to write Haiku as well. May I submit haiku to you and post here? I do not always write in the 575 because the transliteration into English is awkward.


amongst pine trees,
a metal pole
is slanted


before leaving
to teach,
the rain begins


the water fountain
has ceased -
autumn leaves rustle above

jeronimus said...

Hi Bhalachandra. Sorry I missed your message as I have not posted to this blog for a while. Usually Blogger notifies me of comments. Not sure what happened here.
It would be great to have a more collective blog, so I will post your haikus. Send as many as you like. Keep it up.

Bhalachandra said...

Thank you. Jai Shri Mataji.

Here is some more Haiku and Haiku related poems:


spring in Seattle -
the white side of leaves
showing in the wind


standing on a fallen tree,
I am finally
as tall as this fern


more and more,
I stay
in this empty room


stuck to the bristles,
dust and dirt months old -
the kitchen broom


back to sleep
at dawn -
outside, the birds
only know the morning